vendredi, septembre 09, 2005

Trash Rally DS - Paused for 2 weeks

Hi !
I'mm be on holiday for th next 2 weeks, I'll try to make a couple of update today (mainly code cleaning), but I also need to pack up and do some shopping... Development will continue when I'll be back with foollowing ideas :
- 2 players mode, one on each screen with their own level, ennemys, .... Need to find some ideas to make some "fight" between the two cars (via a power-up system or something)
- fix what's still broken (leveling, barrels, ...)
- code cleaning to have real easy-to use structure (need to put a ref to every structure in the S_GAME one)
- and all the pieces of todo lists around the site :-p

Edit - Well, I had no time for update today, just thought about a couple of more todos :
- multilife system instead of 0 energy and gameover
- Testing on real hardware, the Neo Flash Team gently offer me a MK2, thanx to them !
- Look into PA_Lib 0.5 for news

See ya all soon !

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Aaron Rogers a dit…

Ben, Looks good so far. What is your email contact info?

- Aaron Rogers