dimanche, septembre 25, 2005

Back to work !

Hi everyone, I'm back here to continue Trash Rally DS development !

I upgraded to the latest libnds and PA_Lib, and well... the code is borken, all sprites in the upper screen are messed up and everything is slowed down... It's related to ennemy cars at first sight, I must look a little deeper to find out why.

Some nice sites talked about my project, and one told that it reminds him "DeathRally", I dunno if you remember that game, but it was really great, and Trash Rally DS is soooo far from it :-p
Anyway that made me think of developping a game closer to DeatRally than this one (wich is REALLY basic), I should think a little more about it...

I'll try to have this one stable, with leveling, bonus and some stuffs before I switch to another one, even if I dunno how to really enhance the gameplay :-p

More news later !

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