vendredi, décembre 16, 2005

Damn real life

Due to personnal issues, devlopment is on pause for a (little I hope) while.

I'll have more news mid january.... It's not exactly like I'm in a hurry to finish those nds projects though that's not a real job for living :-p

I'll keep you in touch !

lundi, octobre 10, 2005

Burger Quizz - WIP

Les questions "Sel ou poivre" sont maintenant gérées, j'en ai tapé un certain nombre (ok, juste 30 pour l'instant :-p ).

Reste à faire marcher le GBFS (je sais pas si ça marche avec les émulateurs) pour charger tout ça à la place des 2 misérables questions de test, un peu de chasse au bug et de nettoyage et je mettrai une béta plus ou moins définitive en téléchargement.

J'ai pas énormément de temps pour l'instant pour finaliser le tout, mais novembre devrait être jouable !

vendredi, octobre 07, 2005

Burger Quizz - WIP

While Mollusk is helping with some issues I have and offer homebrew scene a new great version of PA_LIB 'with inputs fixed !) I'm starting to type CSV files for the questions. It will sure take some time :-p

Have a nice day !

Edit : J'ai tapé une cinquantaine de questions, je suis crevé :-D

Edit : 70 questions pour les Nuggets, je vais passer à autre chose :-p

mercredi, octobre 05, 2005

Burger Quizz messy update

Burger Quizz update :

- Add Title screen (took me soooo long :-D )
- Add a picture for each question (need GBFS later to be really usefull)
- Tried to use 8bitText, nothing really working for now....
- small backgrounds fixes
- BUT ! It seems all inputs are broken even if I didn't touch anything in this area :-/ Buttons are not working so I guess stylus is out too.... Maybe an emulator issue though it's not working in DualiS neither in IdeaS. In fact the rom used to crash in DualiS with stylus code, so I guess it's really broken...... More news later !

mardi, octobre 04, 2005

Burger Quizz update

Nouveauté :
- Les points sont comptés en frites
- Le timer est géré avec une sorte d'animation de burger moche pour l'instant....
- pas grand chose pour l'instant, mais j'ai enfin réussi à faire marcher mon scanner des années 60, ça va m'aider pour les graphismes :-p

What's new :
- score is now fry-based
- timer is an ugly looking animated burger
- not much though, even if I managed to have my 60's scanner to work, wich will help for gfx :-p

Edit : The texts are not mixing together anymore, thanx to Lien who told me it was not working properly ! I really appreciate people who can test on real hardware. The demo has been updated (I messed up the fries and the burger sprites, I'll fix that later)

vendredi, septembre 30, 2005

Burger Quizz ! Small demo added

Une news en français pour changer, avec ce projet assez avancé : Burger Quizz !
Les graphismees sont un peu moches, j'y travaillerai plus tard (Non je suis pas daltonien, j'ai choisi ces couleurs pour de vrai :-p )

Pour l'instant seuls les Nuggets sont gérés, mais le reste devrait suivre !

Ce qui marche :
- Moteur de QCM
- Gestion de l'écran tactile
- Temps limité par question
- Score
- Adaptation simple pour un passage à une utre langue par exemple (you don' know Jack for example)

Reste à faire :
- Gestion GBFS pour charger les questions
- Gestion du texte avec des polices un peu plus sympas
- Amélioration des graphismes
- Son
- Autres phases de jeu que les nuggets.
- Une capture d'écran qui ressemble à quelque chose :-/
- Et surtout un moyen de tester sur Hardware, IdeaS ne gère pas le stylet et la rom plante sur les autres émulateurs........ Vivement l'arrivée du MK2 !

Une première demo avec juste 2 questions, je sais pas vraiment si elle marche....

mercredi, septembre 28, 2005

No news dosn't mean no work :-p

No news for now, but I'm working on a surprise project for french audience... Yeah I said I'll finish Trash Rally DS before doing anything else, so just blame me for that and wait for what's next !

dimanche, septembre 25, 2005

Sprites issues....

I still got the sprites issues, everything is messed up on the upper screen when I set ennemies car to more than 2... I realy don't get it, maybe it's someone that don't work with DualiS... I don't know....

Anyway, I made some code cleaning, I tried another method for switching screen, wich is better (thanx for Mollusk's Freesbee demo :-p ) and I really hope to fix the sprites trouble soon to release a new demo. Well, if I don't fix it I'll get mad and start all over again :-p

Back to work !

Hi everyone, I'm back here to continue Trash Rally DS development !

I upgraded to the latest libnds and PA_Lib, and well... the code is borken, all sprites in the upper screen are messed up and everything is slowed down... It's related to ennemy cars at first sight, I must look a little deeper to find out why.

Some nice sites talked about my project, and one told that it reminds him "DeathRally", I dunno if you remember that game, but it was really great, and Trash Rally DS is soooo far from it :-p
Anyway that made me think of developping a game closer to DeatRally than this one (wich is REALLY basic), I should think a little more about it...

I'll try to have this one stable, with leveling, bonus and some stuffs before I switch to another one, even if I dunno how to really enhance the gameplay :-p

More news later !

vendredi, septembre 09, 2005

Trash Rally DS - Paused for 2 weeks

Hi !
I'mm be on holiday for th next 2 weeks, I'll try to make a couple of update today (mainly code cleaning), but I also need to pack up and do some shopping... Development will continue when I'll be back with foollowing ideas :
- 2 players mode, one on each screen with their own level, ennemys, .... Need to find some ideas to make some "fight" between the two cars (via a power-up system or something)
- fix what's still broken (leveling, barrels, ...)
- code cleaning to have real easy-to use structure (need to put a ref to every structure in the S_GAME one)
- and all the pieces of todo lists around the site :-p

Edit - Well, I had no time for update today, just thought about a couple of more todos :
- multilife system instead of 0 energy and gameover
- Testing on real hardware, the Neo Flash Team gently offer me a MK2, thanx to them !
- Look into PA_Lib 0.5 for news

See ya all soon !

jeudi, septembre 08, 2005

Trash Rally DS - Release v0.7a

New demo online !

Changelog :
- Instead of making important gameplay changes, added a driver face giving the life status :-p
- Some code dirtying for now, need that to make some cleaning later ;-)

I've added a link to DualiS on the right side, the emulator I use for testing.

Trash Rally DS - Release v0.7

Demo version 0.7 is availlable !


- Ennemy cars randomly apears at random speed
- should I mention code cleaning ?
- Barrel is still broken, sprite is mixing with red car for no obvious reason :-/
- Level system is still broken too, backgrounds are not displayed when enabled for no obvious reason too :-/
- Tests made on DualiS, I have no way to test on real hardware ><

If someone can test it on his DS and give feedback I will appreciate :-)

mercredi, septembre 07, 2005

Trash Rally DS - Release v0.6

Here's a new release named 0.6

- Collisions are back ! For now you loose life whendriving over another object, will add bump later
- even more code cleaning and scalability added
- Red ennemy cars number depending on level

You can download the latest demo by clicking the link on the right side !
(source will follow after I removed ugly debug add-ons)

ToDo :
- Random Red Cars position
- "Random" Red Cars lateral movments
- Return of the Barrels
- Fix leveling, DualiS doesn't show backgrounds anymore when I set the level number at more than 2 :-/ Dunno if it's a DualiS bug though....

Trash Rally DS - Updated again and again (...)

New demo online including features from last post, level change is a little jerky for now...

Levels can have different width and speed, and will include new cars soon ! I know I really need to fix barrel and collisions :-p

Trash Rally DS - Updated again and again

Well, who cares about ToDo list anyway ?
changes are :
- intro screen
- Preliminary level system (now THAT sounds like a game :-p ) with different gfx and speed
- Code cleaning

New (maybe) ToDo list :
- Include S_BG in S_LEVEL and S_LEVEL in S_GAME

Trash Rally DS - Updated again

Demo and source updated

Changelog :
- Even more code cleaning
- "S_GAME" structure begins
- Prliminary scoring system
- Game Over screen and start over
- Barrels still broken :-/

Use previous links to download !

To-Do List update :
- All structures need to be a part of S_GAME
- Rename all specific to generic (RallyCar -> PalyerOne, etc....)

Trash Rally DS - Source updated

Source update changelog (no demo yet, read why below)

- code cleaning (the code is now really easy to read even for beginners)
- more code cleaning/fixes
- Backgrounds turned into a handy structure
- Barrels code broken for now... once it will work I'll release a new demo

A little big thanx

Just a few words to thank Aaron Rogers and his great site full of great tutorials about PA_LIB

Well, it's where I took all my specific nds dev knowledge !

Be sure to check it out !

mardi, septembre 06, 2005

Trash Rally DS - Demo Updated

Demo updated

Changelog :
- Removed unneeded variables
- Red Car controled by buttons
- Red Car moved to sprite strucuture

small changes, but it's pretty late over here :-p

See ya tomorow !

Trash Rally DS - Demo and source Code online !

Here are the links for Trash Rally DS demo and source code :

Source code

If anyone can test it on real hardware and tell me if it's working, thanx !

I'll try to update in the next 2 days with some really needed improvements....

Trash Rally DS - Screenshots

Another screens, the silver car (you), the barrels (notice in the middle the transition between the 2 screens, it needs to be adjusted for real hardware)

By the way I wasn't able to have a good timing between the screens for the tiled backgroud with white lines, so for now they're just not there, like a no-white-line rodad where you can change lane whenever you want :-p

Feel free to ask for the demo !

New NDS Project - Trash Rally DS

Here's a snip for Trash Rally DS, and beyond that an easy-to-use game engine designed to provide simple strucutres and functions ta quickly develop vertical scrolling games (more on this later...)
Here's a little screenshot

Demo NDS file and source code on their way !
Game works on DSEMu, no idea on real hardware...

Demo and sources on request until I find a host !

Current Status :

Graphics 60% (the hardest part for me :-p )
Game Engine 50%
Structures 50%
Controls 70%
No sound yet !

To-Do list :
- Barrel collisions (collision only with the background for now)
- 2 Players mode
- Bonus system
- Scoring
- Intro, outro