samedi, janvier 27, 2007

Fish Tank

Here's the game, more infos, screenshots and latest download over here
You will notice the game is not completely finished if you rely on Insaniquarium, I'll be adding more features as time (or compos) goes...

Update : Slot 1 version availlable for R4, M3 Simply, ... Thanx to Gemma for the tests.
Update : New version, memory shortage resolved (for now), seems there are no more gfx corruption (well there may be some rotsets issues after a while, but that won't be hard to fix in next release)

mardi, janvier 23, 2007

Second Annual Christmas Game Coding Competition

Here's the game I made for Drunken Coders' Second Annual Christmas Game Coding Competition

It's called Christmas Factory ,more infos on the link !

Couldn't test FPS online, here are my favourite entries (including mine :-p ) :

#1 : Clem, the retarderd Elf
#2 : The Sounds of Season
#3 : Rudolph
#4 : Christmas Factory
#5 : Santa's Skidoo

If you find that some great games are not here, I'm judging the theme related features, putting just a "winter gfx" isn't enough for me (don't ask which games I'm talking about, or I'll say it :-p ). Something else, this is just my opinion, and no-one should really cares...