vendredi, septembre 30, 2005

Burger Quizz ! Small demo added

Une news en français pour changer, avec ce projet assez avancé : Burger Quizz !
Les graphismees sont un peu moches, j'y travaillerai plus tard (Non je suis pas daltonien, j'ai choisi ces couleurs pour de vrai :-p )

Pour l'instant seuls les Nuggets sont gérés, mais le reste devrait suivre !

Ce qui marche :
- Moteur de QCM
- Gestion de l'écran tactile
- Temps limité par question
- Score
- Adaptation simple pour un passage à une utre langue par exemple (you don' know Jack for example)

Reste à faire :
- Gestion GBFS pour charger les questions
- Gestion du texte avec des polices un peu plus sympas
- Amélioration des graphismes
- Son
- Autres phases de jeu que les nuggets.
- Une capture d'écran qui ressemble à quelque chose :-/
- Et surtout un moyen de tester sur Hardware, IdeaS ne gère pas le stylet et la rom plante sur les autres émulateurs........ Vivement l'arrivée du MK2 !

Une première demo avec juste 2 questions, je sais pas vraiment si elle marche....

mercredi, septembre 28, 2005

No news dosn't mean no work :-p

No news for now, but I'm working on a surprise project for french audience... Yeah I said I'll finish Trash Rally DS before doing anything else, so just blame me for that and wait for what's next !

dimanche, septembre 25, 2005

Sprites issues....

I still got the sprites issues, everything is messed up on the upper screen when I set ennemies car to more than 2... I realy don't get it, maybe it's someone that don't work with DualiS... I don't know....

Anyway, I made some code cleaning, I tried another method for switching screen, wich is better (thanx for Mollusk's Freesbee demo :-p ) and I really hope to fix the sprites trouble soon to release a new demo. Well, if I don't fix it I'll get mad and start all over again :-p

Back to work !

Hi everyone, I'm back here to continue Trash Rally DS development !

I upgraded to the latest libnds and PA_Lib, and well... the code is borken, all sprites in the upper screen are messed up and everything is slowed down... It's related to ennemy cars at first sight, I must look a little deeper to find out why.

Some nice sites talked about my project, and one told that it reminds him "DeathRally", I dunno if you remember that game, but it was really great, and Trash Rally DS is soooo far from it :-p
Anyway that made me think of developping a game closer to DeatRally than this one (wich is REALLY basic), I should think a little more about it...

I'll try to have this one stable, with leveling, bonus and some stuffs before I switch to another one, even if I dunno how to really enhance the gameplay :-p

More news later !

vendredi, septembre 09, 2005

Trash Rally DS - Paused for 2 weeks

Hi !
I'mm be on holiday for th next 2 weeks, I'll try to make a couple of update today (mainly code cleaning), but I also need to pack up and do some shopping... Development will continue when I'll be back with foollowing ideas :
- 2 players mode, one on each screen with their own level, ennemys, .... Need to find some ideas to make some "fight" between the two cars (via a power-up system or something)
- fix what's still broken (leveling, barrels, ...)
- code cleaning to have real easy-to use structure (need to put a ref to every structure in the S_GAME one)
- and all the pieces of todo lists around the site :-p

Edit - Well, I had no time for update today, just thought about a couple of more todos :
- multilife system instead of 0 energy and gameover
- Testing on real hardware, the Neo Flash Team gently offer me a MK2, thanx to them !
- Look into PA_Lib 0.5 for news

See ya all soon !

jeudi, septembre 08, 2005

Trash Rally DS - Release v0.7a

New demo online !

Changelog :
- Instead of making important gameplay changes, added a driver face giving the life status :-p
- Some code dirtying for now, need that to make some cleaning later ;-)

I've added a link to DualiS on the right side, the emulator I use for testing.

Trash Rally DS - Release v0.7

Demo version 0.7 is availlable !


- Ennemy cars randomly apears at random speed
- should I mention code cleaning ?
- Barrel is still broken, sprite is mixing with red car for no obvious reason :-/
- Level system is still broken too, backgrounds are not displayed when enabled for no obvious reason too :-/
- Tests made on DualiS, I have no way to test on real hardware ><

If someone can test it on his DS and give feedback I will appreciate :-)

mercredi, septembre 07, 2005

Trash Rally DS - Release v0.6

Here's a new release named 0.6

- Collisions are back ! For now you loose life whendriving over another object, will add bump later
- even more code cleaning and scalability added
- Red ennemy cars number depending on level

You can download the latest demo by clicking the link on the right side !
(source will follow after I removed ugly debug add-ons)

ToDo :
- Random Red Cars position
- "Random" Red Cars lateral movments
- Return of the Barrels
- Fix leveling, DualiS doesn't show backgrounds anymore when I set the level number at more than 2 :-/ Dunno if it's a DualiS bug though....

Trash Rally DS - Updated again and again (...)

New demo online including features from last post, level change is a little jerky for now...

Levels can have different width and speed, and will include new cars soon ! I know I really need to fix barrel and collisions :-p

Trash Rally DS - Updated again and again

Well, who cares about ToDo list anyway ?
changes are :
- intro screen
- Preliminary level system (now THAT sounds like a game :-p ) with different gfx and speed
- Code cleaning

New (maybe) ToDo list :
- Include S_BG in S_LEVEL and S_LEVEL in S_GAME

Trash Rally DS - Updated again

Demo and source updated

Changelog :
- Even more code cleaning
- "S_GAME" structure begins
- Prliminary scoring system
- Game Over screen and start over
- Barrels still broken :-/

Use previous links to download !

To-Do List update :
- All structures need to be a part of S_GAME
- Rename all specific to generic (RallyCar -> PalyerOne, etc....)

Trash Rally DS - Source updated

Source update changelog (no demo yet, read why below)

- code cleaning (the code is now really easy to read even for beginners)
- more code cleaning/fixes
- Backgrounds turned into a handy structure
- Barrels code broken for now... once it will work I'll release a new demo

A little big thanx

Just a few words to thank Aaron Rogers and his great site full of great tutorials about PA_LIB

Well, it's where I took all my specific nds dev knowledge !

Be sure to check it out !

mardi, septembre 06, 2005

Trash Rally DS - Demo Updated

Demo updated

Changelog :
- Removed unneeded variables
- Red Car controled by buttons
- Red Car moved to sprite strucuture

small changes, but it's pretty late over here :-p

See ya tomorow !

Trash Rally DS - Demo and source Code online !

Here are the links for Trash Rally DS demo and source code :

Source code

If anyone can test it on real hardware and tell me if it's working, thanx !

I'll try to update in the next 2 days with some really needed improvements....

Trash Rally DS - Screenshots

Another screens, the silver car (you), the barrels (notice in the middle the transition between the 2 screens, it needs to be adjusted for real hardware)

By the way I wasn't able to have a good timing between the screens for the tiled backgroud with white lines, so for now they're just not there, like a no-white-line rodad where you can change lane whenever you want :-p

Feel free to ask for the demo !

New NDS Project - Trash Rally DS

Here's a snip for Trash Rally DS, and beyond that an easy-to-use game engine designed to provide simple strucutres and functions ta quickly develop vertical scrolling games (more on this later...)
Here's a little screenshot

Demo NDS file and source code on their way !
Game works on DSEMu, no idea on real hardware...

Demo and sources on request until I find a host !

Current Status :

Graphics 60% (the hardest part for me :-p )
Game Engine 50%
Structures 50%
Controls 70%
No sound yet !

To-Do list :
- Barrel collisions (collision only with the background for now)
- 2 Players mode
- Bonus system
- Scoring
- Intro, outro